Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The 6-Day SAFe Quick-Start with Self-Selecting Teams

For those not familiar with the SAFe “Quick-Start" (also known as the one-week launch) is a proven pattern for launching an Agile Release Train. A textbook Quick-Start goes something like this:
  • In the weeks prior to the Quick-Start:
    • the feature backlog is refined and prioritised (using WSJF), and;
    • the people who will be doing the work are grouped in teams of 7+/- 2 with a Scrum Master and a Product Owner
  • Day 1 and 2 of the Quick-Start all the teams attend the 2-day SAFe for Teams training, sitting at team tables with their product owners. During the training they work with real features from the program backlog.
  • Day 3 and 4 the train holds its first PI Planning event.
  • Day 5 the Scrum Master and Product Owners attend role specific orientation training
  • And then you start sprinting! 
I realise this sounds all fine and dandy if you are working with an organisation that is already Agile, but what if they are new to Agile? Can you still Quick-Start? Absolutely you can. At this point, you may be thinking I have completely lost the plot. This sounds like utter madness, I know. I thought it was madness too, until I tried it and realised it was truly amazing. It is my hope that as you make your way through this series of blogs posts on the 6-day Quick-Start you will gain some insights as to why this approach is such a powerful way to launch an Agile Release Train.

Getting back to the point, you may have noticed the textbook Quick-Start is only five days. So where did this sixth day come from?