Thursday, 13 April 2017

SAFe PI Planning Quick-Start Style

The schedule for the two-day PI Planning event, days five and six of the 6-day quick-start, was pretty much textbook SAFe. Given I have blogged about PI Planning in the past, let’s skip the blow by blow description of PI Planning and focus on the highlights from this particular Agile Release Train's first PI Planning event.

Firstly the opening messages set the perfect tone for the 2-days. The RTE opened the event with: "It’s been an epic few days and we are here now. PI Planning.  We are here and we are doing it and it’s awesome!  Now it’s about the real work!" 

Their executive sponsor was equally as passionate: "I think it is great you guys are doing this and making the 6-day investment. I'm glad this team is embracing the change and wanting to do things differently. It’s going to be bumpy but that’s ok. I'm excited to see what all these blank boards are going to turn into."

Teams used foam boards for their plans instead of post-it pads
so nothing would need to be stuck  upon the walls.