If you are looking for the slides from one of my recent public presentations then you should be able to find them below.  

If you are looking for a speaker for your event , you can contact me at :

TRIBAL UNITY: A Culture First Approach To Enterprise Agility 

(Keynote @ AgileCamp Dallas December 2017)

On Track: The ART of Avoiding a Train Wreck 

(Agile2017, Orlando, FL. August 2017)

Self-Selection: An Agile Approach to Forming Teams @ Scale 

(Agile Israel, June 2017)

Tribal Unity: The Heart of Scaling Agile 

(Keynote @ Agile Israel,  June 2017)

Failing @ Scaling Agile? Don’t Panic! & Carry a Towel

(Mastering SAP, Melbourne, May 2017)

From Teams to Tribes: Creating a One Team Culture 

(Mastering SAP, Melbourne, May 2017)

Tribal Unity Book Launch 

(Agile Denver, 27th October 2016)

Get the book from Amazon or buy direct from the author

12 Habits of Effective Lean Leadership 

(itSMF Australia Service Management Conference, Brisbane, August 2016)

Failing @ Scaling: Don't Panic, and Carry a Towel

(Agile2016, Atlanta, GA. July 2016)

Leadership is an Extreme Sport 

(Agile2016, Atlanta, GA. July 2016)

Leadership is an Extreme Sport

(LAST, Melbourne, July 2016)  

Failing @ Scaling: Don’t panic, and carry a towel! 

(Agile Australia,Melbourne,  June 2016)

Mission Impossible: Banking on a SAFe QuickStart

(Agile Australia, Melbourne, June 2016)

Now an offical Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) case study.

Thawing the Frozen Middle: The role of Managers in organisations using Scrum

(Scrum Australia, Melbourne, April 2016)

Thawing the "Frozen Middle"

(Global Scrum Gathering® Orlando, April 2016)

The Magic Carpet Ride: A business perspective on DevOps 

(Lean Kanban Central Europe, Munich, November 2015)

From Teams to Tribes: Creating a One Team Culture 

(DevOps Enterprise Summit, San Francisco, October 2015)

You can also view a video of this session at:

Scaling Agile Data Warehousing with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

(Agile Denver, October 2015)

From Teams to Tribes: Creating a One Team culture

(LAST, Melbourne, September 2015)

From Teams to Tribes: Creating a one team culture

(itSMF Service Management 2015, Sydney, August 2015)

Voted Best Speaker at the itSMF Service Management conference.

Thawing the “Frozen Middle” 

(Agile 2015, Washington D.C., August 2015)

Link to to photos of Empathy Maps produced in this session:

The Magic Carpet Ride - A business perspective on Devops 

(Agile 2015, Washington D.C., August 2015)

Demystifying the Role of Management Leadership in Agile 

(Agile@Scale Meetup, Sydney, April 2015)

Demystifying the Role of Management in Agile 

(1stConf, Melbourne, March 2015)

A Principles Based Approach to SAFe 

(Nashville Agile User Group, Nashville, TN. January 2015)


How a Business Executive Led the Implementation of Agile, Lean & CI/CD

(Enterprise DevOps Summit, San Francisco, October 2014)

You can also view a video of this session at:

Creating Agile Tribes: Herding CATs for Fun and Customer Delight

(Agile 2014, Orlando, FL, July 2014)

The Key to the SAFe: Principles over Practices

(Agile 2014, Orlando, FL, July 2014)

Impact Mapping: Making an Impact over Shipping Software

You can also view a video of this session at:

Creating Agile Tribes: The secret to succeeding with Agile @ Scale

Bringing Execs to the Collaboration Table with Impact Mapping

(10Stories Meetup, Melbourne, May 2014)

Scaling Agile Delivery

(Australian Computer Society Business Intelligence Special Interest Group, Melbourne, May 2014)

How We Became World Leaders in Agile Data Warehousing

(Teradata Partners User Group Conference, Dallas, TX,  October 2013)

Adopting the Scaled Agile Framework: The Theory and Practice

(Dallas Agile Leadership Network Meetup, October 2013)

Agile Data Warehousing @ Telstra

(TDWI Chapter Meeting, Melbourne,  October 2013)

Improving Information Management Delivery With Agile Data Warehousing

(A Continual Evolution of Information Management and Governance, Melbourne,  June 2013)

Adopting Leffingwell's Scaled Agile Framework: The Theory and the Practice

(Agile Australia, Sydney, June 2013)

Telstra's Journey to SAFe

(RallyON, Boulder, Colorado, June 2013)

Six Things to Consider Before You Try Agile at Scale 

(Rally Agile Business Forum, Melbourne, March 2013)

(Scaled Agile Framework Meetup, Melbourne, May 2013)

Applying Agile to the Enterprise Data Warehouse

(CFO Summit, Gold Coast,  March 2013)

Scaling Agile at Telstra 

(Rally Agile Cafe, Melbourne, November 2012)

Business Driving Agile Development at Scale

(Teradata Partners Conference, Washington D.C., October 2012)


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