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Tribal Unity: 

Getting From Teams to Tribes by Creating a One Team Culture 

Tribal Unity is a real world, practical guide, for leaders committed to making their organisation a truly great place to work. Based on the true story of how one inspiring leader transformed a highly toxic organisational culture, into an internationally recognised case study of success. Tribal Unity, shares proven patterns that are revolutionising the way teams of teams connect and perform.

What people are saying about Tribal Unity

“Em tells a very personal and human story about how to create awesome tribes. Her book is full of useful take-aways, real life examples and practical ideas people can use. One big lesson shared is that success if often based on having the courage to seize opportunities. Even seasoned Agilists will find something here! I certainly did."

- Sandy Mamoli, co-author Creating Great Teams: How Self-Selection Lets People Excel 

"Succeeding in building a strong tribe - a team of teams - is one of the keys to unlocking potential in your organization beyond the individual team. But how do you do that in practice? Most books only tackle this with principles or abstract concepts - but in this book Em describes real, concrete practices illustrated through her own experiences that will not only inspire you to build a stronger tribe, but also guide you in how to do it."

- Anders Ivarsson, Organizational Coach, Spotify 

"I have long been an admirer of the work that Em does in building great teams and great tribes. This book is a perfect distillation of a lot of very sound advice on creating teams that hum. Drawing on real life experiences and backing them up with solid principles, Tribal Unity is a must-read for anyone who leads or wants to lead a tribe. Em has great stories to tell and I find myself retelling them to colleagues and friends as inspiration and as practical advice; I'm glad that they're collected in a single book that I can recommend to people as a manual on how to transform an organisation."

- Andy Kelk, CTO, Marketplacer 

“Em's breakout book is an insightful and practical narrative on the structure and leadership of teams. Whether you lead one team or one hundred, you will learn something new about creating unity of purpose.”

 - Evan Leybourn, author of Directing the Agile Organisation

"Too many “teams” never really gel. With no shared culture, they either storm in friction, or become micro-fiefdoms, led by a handful of strong personalities. As the teams grow, the friction gets worse. Eventually, you realize that ten dedicated people could do what this group of fifty is struggling to accomplish, perhaps in less time!

The culture problem is something that by-the-book Scrum doesn't solve. You need something deeper - exercises, communication patterns, and models to understand what is going on, find the friction points, and allow the team to gel. Most of the advice in this area is shallow. A tip here, a tidbit there. Em Campbell-Pretty's book, Tribal Unity, breaks new ground by combining sound advice with her own personal experience and insights. Combine that with pictures of real artifacts and examples, and you have the making of something new. If your company norms need work, or you don't have them, read this book. If you don't, read it anyway, you'll need it at the next assignment."

- Matthew Heusser, Managing Director, Excelon Development 

 “Every aspiring Lean-Agile enterprise can be no better than the culture that evolves to support it. Em does a great job of describing how that culture can be fostered directly with the "team-of-agile-teams”, the essential building block of enterprise agility.”

- Dean Leffingwell, creator of the Scaled Agile Framework

“Em's is the first true and authentic voice in the Scaling Agile space. Rather than sell you on grand unifying theories and ideas, she tells her own story of personal, team and organisational development. Tribal Unity documents Em's journey leaving a trail bread crumbs (books and articles) for others to follow. Its so refreshing to see how her thoughts developed around solving the problems rather than selling the solutions. I'm utterly jealous that I haven't written such a rich, poetic and useful book as Tribal Unity. - Jealous of London

- Chris Matts, Agile Transformation Coach, Co-Author of Commitment, and Co-inventor of the Given-When-Then syntax. 

 “What executive wouldn't want a highly productive group, capable of taking on big, strategic projects with aggressive timelines? What employee wouldn't want a workplace that inspires—with camaraderie, fun, worthy challenges, AND genuine management support? Up until now, these two desires have seemed mutually exclusive, and elusive.

In Tribal Unity, Em shows that it is possible to have both, and indeed, latter enables the former. Em is no starry-eyed dreamer. She’s a business manager and knows what is at stake. This book is full of examples, stories, practices, and practical advice. She shows you that productivity + joy is not pie-in-the-sky, but well within the achievable.”

- Esther Derby, co-author of Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great and Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management


“In a field where frameworks and methodologies get much of the attention, it's refreshing to read a story from the trenches about the power of culture. Can it be created, cultivated, and scaled beyond the team? The evidence presented here indicates that it's possible even in challenging circumstances and when the concept is new to everyone. With plenty of examples to show the way, this is a great source of ideas and inspiration for anyone looking to create a sense of common purpose for a group of teams.”

- Brian Adkins, Principal Agile Consultant

Tribal Unity is a must read for leaders needing to get their teams together to get the work done that needs to be done. It connects us to contemporary thinking; real life examples are backed up with quotes and insights from relevant readings and other industry leaders.  

We gain from Em’s lessons learnt and these are passed on to us in her easy style with humour and pragmatic language. Her voice is strong in reading in each page; it’s true to her and it’s oh-so useful for us.

There are plenty of daily tips and techniques coupled with practical advice of what to do. I think it will revolutionise how you lead - and how you think you can lead - a team towards being a tribe.  

It’s a beautiful bringing together of agile, culture and people - to create tribes that people want to be a part of."

- Lynne Cazaly author of Leader as Facilitator, Making Sense, Create Change and Visual Mojo

"Simply put, Tribal Unity was written from genuine hands-on experience. It doesn't contain fluffy theory but rather hard-hitting real-world anecdotes and case studies making it refreshing and a pleasure to read. Credit goes to Em for sharing with us all her well-earned stripes!"

- Ilan Goldstein, author of Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners

"Tribal Unity by Em Campbell-Pretty, is the finest guidebook for today’s evolving organizations dedicated to transforming workplaces into cultures of competency and fun!

Using real-world and witty anecdotes, Em's years of experience as a curator of change fosters a fresh perspective on nurturing teams by applying Lean Agile principles to a corporate environment.

 Em takes a commanding approach to moving from average to excellent. All the while, she leans on her natural sense of humor and insight to keep teams and individuals engaged and safe, providing effective approaches to connect with a common goal."

- Lynn Winterboer, Agile Analytics Coach & Trainer

“This is a brilliant book! It combines relatable examples with actionable outcomes to make it a very engaging read. Anyone looking for ways to improve team performance would benefit from reading it.”

- Jackie Grills, Chief Financial Officer 

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